Yogventures will provide simple-to-use tools to design worlds that match your imagination and are packed with thrilling stories and epic treasures. Estimated delivery Jun Just wanted to give my two cents. August 28, Beta Begins Now!! I know this is all just anger-inducing to those who have no interest in software development of any kind, but it’s super valuable to me. Share this project Done. We couldn’t have gotten this far without your love and support, and we’ll need you even more during production.

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Before any of you flip out at me, calm down and hear me out. Thanks, Kris, for being so honest and upfront with us about the project. Thank you for everything, Winterkewl. Comments Only backers can post comments. I wish you all the best deom the future. From Valve’s Steam Greenlight’s webpage: July 19, One last update from Winterkewl.

But that’s not all – there will be other gameplay modes to play alone or together, and we will be kicking off your imagination by making brand new adventures for you to play! Finally, everyone that yogventures demo pledged their support to the game will be yoggentures to The Yogventures demo Game – Kickstarter Video.


Timmo Warner on July 19, Thanks for the update. And make yogventures demo game yogventures demo yourselves, by yourselves. Gamasutra postmortems are useful, but they’re public articles that if the developer is sane are often sanitized and likely omit the worst and therefore most valuable mistakes. Our good friend and matte painter really terrific artist that created most of the concept art with environments on the Kickstarter page, he left PDI to work at LucasArts.


Today we look at some very early character customization, and a few basic ideas for designing cool building blocks!

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I’ll echo the sentiments of others here and ask that backers received access to all assets that have been created including source code. I was traveling for work and didn’t really have time to get online and make a proper response. The yogventures demo is a little late but a gesture that is needed.

Yogventures updated their cover photo. The alpha version for all backers will be coming out soon!

Robert on September 5, While I appreciate the effort of the replacement gifts, TUG and Landmark, it would be nice if at least one of them were Mac compatible. Jump to comments Renmiri on November 7, “of course without the code, no one can really hack yogventures demo it, or mod it” lol Tell that to the people hacking and moding games written in Japanese, or hacking Unreal’s semo without unreal tools: Release the source code and all art assets to the backer community or the public at large.


I had already forgot about this game, but It’s good to see someone stepping up and taking the yogventures demo.

I can understand what it’s like to yogventures demo part of a small team working on big things. But you should at least like there awesome fan page! LucasArts wouldn’t give him a carve out in his contract to work on Yogventures so he couldn’t work on the yogventurse any longer. No one in this project had attempted anything on this scale before.

I wish you the best of luck in your current situation and greatly appreciate you taking the time to inform us all of this. Enjoy have a good weekend everyone.

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Any parts of the project you and your team could release as open source would be greatly appreciated. Shawn Peter AikenBronwen Nottleand 67 yogventures demo people like this update. Tiny Turtle on July 20, Please consider releasing what you’ve got, including the source code. Hello Everyone, We’re happy to announce that Yogventures! In the game at least!