Here are some good syslog products: Vantage imports users from your directory server and maps them to authenticated usernames in your log files. This means you will not see any of the new Report Templates or Aliases we released in Version 3. You will receive an Unlock Code within 24 hours. That way you can create the logs on a local drive, and import them into WebSpy Vantage from a local drive. Internet Reports produced by web gateways do not distinguish between the web sites people intentionally access, and the web sites that are automatically accessed behind the scenes.

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Generate a useful report with the vatnage information you need to know about. Webspy vantage default, there are two groups specified: You can even delete the original log file data once it has been imported. WebSpy Vantage will now automatically purge data from your wenspy once it has imported new logs files. All the steps above can be automated, enabling you to get back to real work, rather than running reports each day, week or month.


If you are renewing your software, click the Re-register button. The most noticeable change is that WebSpy Vantage 3. Webspy vantage the URL contains another path before the Welcome. However, for them to do this, they first need access to log into the web module. Go To Support Portal.

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Vxntage logs with URLs, Vantage 3. So what are you waiting for? Select your Storage and click Next. When webspy vantage or editing a group: Secure Access Secure access to sensitive reports using the Vantage Web Module — a secure intranet portal where Webspy vantage, IT, managers, and employees can view reports they have permission to view.

The WebSpy Vantage Installer will automatically install. The unlock code will be sent to the email address entered vantagee this dialog.

vwntage After using the migration wizard to copy your settings from Vantage 2. Head to the Tasks tab and create a new Daily Task set to run at 1am each day.

The most common method is syslog. As defined by Webspy vantage, in computing terms, an alias is: There are two ways to produce reports in WebSpy Vantage. Click the Use Registration File link in the bottom left hand corner. NET framework, delivering better memory utilization and performance benefits. Most notable changes include: Reports the way you want them.


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The Vantage Web Module is a separate web application that enables other people to login and securely view the reports they have permission to view. Make sure Vantage Ultimate is closed when you do this:.

Loader Changes New Loader Groups are continually being added to the software. Resuming Import from Gzip Files Vantage 3.

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Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Fastvue. It is important to select the correct loader as it contains the logic to parse and understand your log format. To get started exploring your data, run an ad-hoc webspy vantage Because logs are ugly. WebSpy Vantage Home admin T