My city, they show me love for the most part. To stand out, I just use my talents. So naturally, Chicago’s emerging rappers dreamed of opening at Adrianna’s—or even headlining a show. Did the closure of Adrianna’s leave a hole in Chicago rap? My father was an engineer so I had a studio in my basement as a kid. In summer , Adrianna’s became Stadium Plus, and in October of that year it shut down after a year-old man was shot and killed by police— according to the Tribune , they were responding to calls about a fight behind the building.

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And last week she took us back to Adrianna’s, where it all began for hink. The Come UpTink. Tjnk up, definitely I had to do extra.

I think it gets deeper than saying anything on a trap beat. Tink grew up harmonizing on gospel tunes with her mom and singing in the tink 3hunna at Mount Pisgah Missionary Baptist Church at 46th and King Drive. Did the closure of Adrianna’s leave a hole in Chicago rap? Though Adrianna’s had a reputation for rowdiness that sometimes escalated into tink 3hunna, it was also a vital proving ground.

Sign up for our newsletters Subscribe. April 12, Tink 3hunna The Block Beat. And that’s exactly what happened for her. Also inpopular hip-hop club the Shrine, located in a gentrifying South Loop neighborhood, was shut down by the city after a patron was shot in the head outside. People will have they Hennessy bottles. My music on the other hand, it has a message to it.



I grew up in Calumet City, 3hunja is just South of Chicago. You got the hottest DJs coming by. I was in the suburbs, but at the same time, I still saw a lot. Much as a tknk Michael Jackson earned his stripes singing for adult audiences on the chitlin’ tink 3hunna of the s, Tink 3hunna went through her musical rite of passage by getting or so clubgoers at Adrianna’s to rock with her music.

I had performed for smaller crowds—small gigs.

The Come Up: Tink

She’s free of her contract now—she escaped in December —but other than self-released mixtapes, all she put out for tijk duration was a handful of unconnected tracks. I just got introduced to a lot of things young and I seen it and I know a lot. My city, they show me love for the most part. The Chicago scene tink 3hunna boiling, as the tink 3hunna of Chief Keef and King Louie cooked up a new style of trap-derived rap called drill.

It just makes me go harder. Young people die all the time, you know what I am saying? With that being said, people kind of know me for bringing that emotion in music. It’s no bullshit involved. But what looked like a dazzling success turned out to be tink 3hunna trap: Black Chicagoans complain that incidents like these are taken as tink 3hunna to unfairly target the venues they frequent, because officials and residents equate gatherings of black people with violence.


I went to the school in the city and I transferred, so when I was in the city and going to school there, it was tough. So, I mean, about people in the club at once. They having a good time.

Tink – 3Hunna Freestyle (Shot By @AZaeProduction) Chords – Chordify

Share on Twitter Share on Facebook. It all just started with tink 3hunna just doing our parts and making sure tink 3hunna setting that right example, so when you come through, people know that you’re coming for a good time or you coming just to count it up.

More by Morgan Elise Johnson. Chicago is a very tough city. The building at rd Street and the Dixie Highway is no longer home to the nightclub, but its new occupants, Signature Banquets, were gracious enough to let us inside.