Added battery charge rate averaging period as a registry tweak. Fixed performance on demand state comparison in SuperLFM mode. New CPU Database entries. Implemented Master P-States table feature shared by all profiles. Windows OS and Software. Changed CPU throttle output format in log file.

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New ResultsBrowser feature New supported chipsets: Restricted application language selection to the available resource DLLs only. But you can’t hurt it. Increased battery subsystem polling interval fixed problems with peripheral devices slowdownsadded option ktility disable battery polling completely as a registry tweak.

Fixed immediate inactivation of actions with non-zero event activity time. Added rmclock utility for clicking Apply button in the Profiles page for the profile changes to have an effect. A free version is rmclock utility as is a licensed “pro” version. Basic RMClock version is available free of charge for personal non-commercial use and for non-profit organizations.


This version features a lot of major and minor enhancements, which include: You must have Administrative rights to install and run this utility. Changes made to this version include: Added CPU temperature graph display to the Monitoring page.

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Bugfixed ‘Restore Defaults on Exit’. Views Read Edit View history. Added option for the CPU performance states transitions method single-step or multi-step. Implemented “interactive” Apply button behavior in all property pages.

New design of battery level icon. Bug-fix release of RightMark Memory Analyzer 3. It can lower temps and fan noise while plugged in. This release solves an issue with “Invalid CPU database header” error message at the program startup.

Added checking for rmclock utility battery device presence in the Battery devices page. Added “check-after-apply” for the rmclock utility CPU settings at startup.

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Integration with Windows power management and standard LCD backlight interface. Added Transmeta LongRun Technology support.


Added UI settings page. Why can’t I benefit? Added support for running an HLT command when the ktility is idle a workaround for Intel chipset series. Moved battery tray icon menu rmclock utility the Battery info page. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Replaced animated icons for “Performance on Demand” profile with better looking ones. This article does not cite any rmclock utility. Improved drawing of the monitoring graphs with custom graph background.

Fixed battery tray icon context menu availability at program startup. Added warning messages for settings that require application restart.