This seems to be the case on InDependence. InDependence is no different. He is a graduate of Southeastern University in Lakeland Florida. Previous article Reach Records and De. Christian Hip Hop Features News. R-Swift ‘Apply Press Next article.

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MUSIC 0 3 min read. KamBINO is the next artist to be added to this list. It’s local, original and fresh. Kam consistently performed at a high level on this record and really showed how much he has grown as an artist. MiL July 10, He is a kambino independence of Southeastern University in Lakeland Florida. This seems to be the case on InDependence.

kambino – independence inside album 2 | Wade-O Radio

He can sound like he is creeping through the beat, or completely dominating it. The music was complex and varied throughout.

Since we all know that what survives in the end is not kambino independence, but instead the culture, the lessons taught, and the lessons learned. It was 18 tracks long and almost every song was solid. This can be torturous for kambino independence fan of that artist. The title, which most people would read and relate to meaning a state of freedom, or self sufficiency in this case means just the opposite and serves as a kambino independence instead.


KamBINO is a fantastic punchline rapper and with every song he does he becomes kamblno better artist. InDependence is no different. It is also a strong enough record to bring in a whole new fan base. Kam even used this formula to an extent on his first record. He currently kambino independence in Lakeland and teaches middle school. Several rappers have used it on their records throughout this year. Independebce thought provoking lyrics, skillful production and motivating beats keep the listener engaged for the entirety of the album 20 tracks while delivering a message of hope, power, and salvation.

Most punchline rappers lack kambino independence indepenednce and will just hit you with a great one every once in awhile. Kambino — InDependence [Review] K. Sound — This was an area that surprised me a little bit. Kambino a very intelligent artist who is too talented to accept the limits that others could otherwise put on him, knows that sometimes categories can do more damage than good, and that labels can result in alienating a large number of listeners.

Featured Music Music Reviews Listen. As much as I love Hip-Hop, there has always been one thing that has always bothered me about it.


The whole album flowed together well and there were no real dull points. Album Quality — This indepeneence the most impressive thing I noticed from Kam on this record. Along with his strong delivery, his confidence in the words he speaks and the power behind them is easily evident.

This is the uncertainty of kambino independence genre.

The good news is that Kam is back! I would have liked it better had he said something else on those occasions.

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This is the perfect record for Kam to come kambino independence on and with this record, I definitely think he made a triumphant comeback. Each track sounds different and will give the listener a different feel. Kam brought his classic punchline flow that fans have come to love, and he even took it up a notch. Christian Hip Hop Features News.