The users just need to send a message purchase requisition to PD. Software Dotnet Framework 3. The customer information and the products requested by the customer and its information are grouped in a Package. Based on international standards and open technologies, LORENZO offers a wide range of solutions, which are assembled using a series of fundamental building blocks and tools. Lorenzo is future vision of health care product. This allows models to be versioned as a set of rules — when a new version of a model is released it can be pushed into the repository as a new version of the implementing ruleset.

fico blaze advisor 7.1

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A Scientific Treatment November 7, The tool also provides some new reports including a new adviisor inference summary with things like inference iteration history, key ratios etc as well as swapsets, population reconstruction etc.

Collaborate with customers to obtain accurate requirements and define project priorities and scope.

fico blaze advisor 7.1

The new multi-target interactive binner lets you interact with variables and bins and see Weight of Evidence rates by bin for two different analytic outcomes such as the known good-bad and accept-reject flags.

This involved creating of business object model by analyzing the business rules. This project is to consolidate the expenses incurred while transporting goods for the customer.

My last update was for Blaze Advisor 6. Identify business or customer requirements and information technology alternatives. Masterfully manages multiple, simultaneous assignments and projects. Reject inference is about using mathematical techniques to infer the likely behavior of those who were rejected or who never took up their loans. Total Lorenzo is configured through the SysConfig application which is part of Lorenzo application.


COMX product is a modular set of production-proven software applications that expertly manage mission-critical business functions such as service ordering and provisioning, workforce management, credit and collections management, and revenue assurance.

The wizards and UI then use this metadata to highlight the variables of the correct type quickly.

Designed for an analytic modeler or statistician, it applies mathematical techniques to analyze data and make usable predictions. Publishing the Rules to Decision center DC. Involved in many phases of the project right from rules discovery and analysis, rules design and development, rules deployment, Project Management, Technical delivery and testing.

As fido work through this process you see a population reconstruction for those rejected and those offered but not booked. Flexible Credit decisions are possible like Review and Conditionally Approve.

fico blaze advisor 7.1

Eclipse is used for code editing, debugging, and testing of rule projects within a single commonly known integrated development environment. Worked closely with business analyst and SME’s to understand rule requirements. GFS is an application used to verify whether a customer is eligible to get the loan.

Products can be 7. over wide variety of portfolio. With a rich library of 3rd party Eclipse tools, your rules-based application will be fiico by leading modeling, reporting and monitoring tools. Converting business statement to condition-action logic. The credit decision is taken along multiple aspects, some of which are Score Models, score cutoffs, Disaster and Exception Reviews. Excellent Working Balze with Blaze Advisor 7. I performed unit testing and integration testing of the developed code and was also responsible for smooth and bug free deployment of the same.


fico blaze advisor 7.1

Responsible for Integrating enterprises health care applications using HL7 messaging system with more than 70 companies. For those products, ILOG rule engine is used for generating tasks, enabling and completing those tasks.

OpenRules Project Eclipse

As it is been captured in papers the vital data that are captured as a part of customer review is not fully utilized and sometimes the customer have to provide the same data again in the product journey which will make the customer account opening experience more cumbersome. OpenRules utilizes the power of free open source Eclipse IDEadfisor de-facto standard project management tools for software developers within a Java-based development environment.

Vlaze experience in managing enterprise IT project life cycle through all phases. The charges might be levied on events like loading, unloading, change in mode of transport or change in service provider.

First Look – FICO Model Builder 7.1

OpenRules Eclipse Plugin has been designed to catch as many errors as possible in compile-time. Software Dotnet Framework 3. Credit qualification decisions can be made.