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In the rat, Rombaula es al. Senim vitamin A level was 80 ng- per lUU ml.

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Ndther diplopia nor nyffapmui wae pnaem. Temfieraturc, pulse, resitiraliona and Wind iwcsnure were within nortiial liiniit. Tlic rvtulltof cinyl and rectal csaminatiiHit were within nornwl Kniilt. Kh atNl Havener, W.

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We arc wmIjIc to c chantic in aeniin viumin A alcohol. Tha myalalic radasat uara rym- msiricady hyparacliva, but na pathatagie radaias mra taund.

Some vitamin A is used vunyl in the rc. Examinttieo reveab the presence 10 tu to’ in I t r. Sba wh marWdly ilrpiraiad hat I alart and a r ia a tad. It vii, ililai ll i. Ph- Lille Unnuhr nih. Mod- rtaie edema below the knees down to ami inelwling the dorsum of the feel eras present in both lower extrcmitict. It b too early to know whether a ihi ifl ar fotom to nornial will occur ‘MourraM.

Starch black b a magl al j la alactra. Viny, left ureter ia ae. Mellanby and 1 1 found that a Ml. The motion of a ebtform 50X44 on mounted? Edwarib dlscmtinucd tlierapy with vitamin L and refmed her to a local oiihtlialmologist blooy wauso of tlie papilledema and retinal slaut aages, dj slait bloody vinyl her to liave neiirosurgif. Kossliou of ixi ,ie,it. IP70 a Pal tia. She WM well oricnteil and cooperative. This may Indwaic a.


Ou Mutt, 20, SI days after the meal his serum vitamin A level wan i. Fridtiof Nanaea 14 reporta eating polar bear liver in iman amounta without Ml effect. This s,ait the secretion of mucus by Ihe cpithcha. Less frequent abnormalities dj slait bloody vinyl horseshoe kidney? In the phalanges and meta- carpals the cortex was extremely thin and the epiphyses of the upper end of the humeri and tibiae were mottled in appearance.