How about Windows 10? And prices going down. We actually do solve member issue by remote desktop personally. Did you mean Bountys? It is not planned to support history mode. By nickyeu in forum Diablo 2.

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There are quite some users who’ve bought the lifetime pass already.

Coming from D3TNT, a lifetime license user.

But for botters and moneymakers doesn’t realy help. Results 1 to 15 of I just got DB up and d3nt why should I try d3tnt bot? D3tnt d3tntt over 35, registered users both the English forum and the Chinese forum combined. And d3tnt going down. We have the lowest banning rate,i. Make sure you update your Windows. Last edited by promethium; at The time now is Our friendly moderators and d3tnt answer most of the questions. It is not planned to support history mode. All the other things, such like fixed map d3tnt, auto relog, repair, stashing, salvage, etc are just too basic to be mentioned.


We actually do solve member issue by remote desktop personally. NO support by private message. Last edited by caowenyu; at For the past 2 years, our bot is considered to be safest, most functional d3tnt on the D3 market. All times are GMT That being said, RoS-Bot is amazing and the developers definitely deserve some compensation. It works in windows The must be some reasons they think our bot worths that much.

You can see the link on the home page.

The forums provide best way to get supported. Originally Posted by rickybali.

D3TNT Diablo 3 bot

Will it support to use the infernal machine? To give you a first d3tnt and feel, you can join us 3dtnt our website and try TNT out.

I want d3tnt personally play the game but without the hassle of grinding – the bot does the grinding for s3tnt. I as lazy farmer who makes small amount of money just for fun can not see point of buying something which d3tnt to make me money for amount of money it will never make. By nickyeu in forum Diablo 2.


d3tnt Can it use backgroundly which means it can normally use the computer when I am botting? All the info you need is in PiroxTester’s thread Originally Posted by caowenyu. We have a chinese forum, which has over 13k registered users. Will d3tnt support for solving the quest in Act ? What is the config for the VM machine it needed?