This is the most common package that is used for industrial systems. You can store one or more sets of setting parameters. EXE to update the Licensing Manager. Parallel processing on muti-core computers. This package like ETAP is used typically for industrial distribution. High-quality printed outputs on a large variety of printers and plotters.

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Free evaluation copy of Powerworld. There are a bunch of side packages that can be purchased to add additional functionality. Detailed modeling of distance relays using make- and model-specific parameters and operating aspen oneliner software. A program that is used for power flow and contingency analysis at the transmission level. Automatic checking of overcurrent and distance relay coordination, plus automatic checking of overcurrent relays’ pickup and instantaneous settings.

This tool will allow you to monitor network connections to HASP license manager that you are running on the security server. License Manager If the message: The following are some highlights of OneLiner: Aspen Line Constants program.


ASPEN Software for Electric Utilities – ASPEN, Inc.

Lightning fast solution speed. If these device drivers don’t work for you, onneliner may be able to get a newer and better version from the key manufacturer’s web site. Built-in boundary equivalence program. Tools for PRC compliance: Aspen Breaker Rating Module.

You can store one or more sets of setting parameters.

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The only thing about this package I didn’t like was that it wasn’t free. Automatic plotting of overcurrent and distance relay characteristics on the screen, as well as fault-based time-distance diagrams for all relay types. OneLiner users onelinre do not have Appendix J: OneLiner works very quickly under aspen oneliner software control of the engineer.

It isn’t very expensive though you have to have Softwrae to use it. Modeling of line differential protection schemes. Plug the HASP keys back.

OneLiner is a productivity tool. Parallel processing on muti-core computers. A login and password is provided to you for the programs FTP servers after you sign a user agreement and send it azpen. Doing things like transient and stability analysis is so much easier inside of Powerworld.


Easy-to-use interactive graphics interface under Windows Vista, 7, 8 and The graphical interface shows you the layout of circuits and ground wires of overhead lines as well as the physical construction of cables.

You can also store test results.

This is used typically by utilities for verifying relay coordination. Michigan Tech Aspen Oneliner Tutorial.

State-of-the-art Engineering Software for Electric Utilities. Speed, ease-of-use and accuracy.

Built-in short circuit program that simulates all classical fault types bus faults, and close-in, line-end, line-out and intermediate faultsas well as simultaneous faults arbitrary collections of classical faults, plus phase-open and bus-to-bus faults.

Users aspeen OneLiner v I haven’t run across anyone outside of academia that uses it but they should. It is a pretty straight forward package to aspen oneliner software.