adeptus custodes

Tribune Maldovar Colquan in Dark Imperium is a contemptuous bastard that harbours dislike and distrust of everyone ranging from guardsmen to Guilliman while Valerian and Navradaran from Watchers of the Throne are surprisingly tolerant and level-headed when dealing with mere mortals showing blatant weakness. Essentially the Custodes are portrayed as having a different skill set and role than the marines as they were better warriors individually but did not work together as soldiers like the Astartes. The warriors of the Adeptus Custodes are a department of the Adeptus Terra , the Imperial government, but its members are answerable only to the Emperor and their own leaders. This is revealed both in their mindset and training, where the Custodes do not fight as brothers and as a greater whole but rather as individual warriors. And if you are wondering just how that sounds, let’s just say he will be the most expensive, but also the most cramped and pokey. The Emperor also can teleport great distances from the looks of things so I’m certain that building drama when he is out is the best way to balance him out.

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Although the Adeptus Custodes were among the first genetically-modified warriors to be created by the Emperor and still the most advanced of them, they were never intended to be part of a conquering army; such a role was to be filled by the latter Custoxes Astartes armies.

Units with the FLY keyword are not affected.

WH30KK Legio/Adeptus Custodes Mod PROJECT DOWSS for Dawn of War – Mod DB

The Adeptus Custodes mod is apparently in no hurry to be completed, but fret not for it will be worthwhile to come to understand why. When resolving an attack adeptuw with this weapon, do not make a hit roll: Unless it’s too OP, but it’s the Emperor after all. For help on citation see the citation guidelines. None of this is to say zdeptus weren’t made to be extremely potent warriors, they were but they’re purpose was to fight alongside the emperor as bodyguards rather than as a conquering army.


You may also like. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. They also managed to restore their numbers to pre-heresy ones, so they are as numerous as ten Chapters combined. If he is your Custodeahe must be given the associated Warlord Trait shown below. Codex Dawn of War. And of course, the best for last, the Emperor of Mankind, the greatest of them all.

Adeptus Custodes

The images and the concept art are all stunning and I think I speak for a fair amount of people when I say I cannot wait for this mod to be released in beta. Welcome to Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum! Hence most of the Custodians depicted in the book are rather nice guys to be around – by 40k standards of course – far from the “single-minded autists” stereotype which has recently become abusively prominent after Master of Mankind.

Thus, one can conclude how the unit will look, but again, he is on the drawing board of things to consider.

The leaders of this faction are going to be without doubt, a force to be reckoned with, let alone their ultimate commander, the Emperor himself. This suggests the Dawneagle Jetbikes and Allarus terminators were created after the heresy.

Choose a Venerable Land Raider from your army and at adeptud one other custoves Venerable Land Raider within 6″ of that model.

The practice continues to this day, and all new initiates are drawn from infants among Terran nobles. This will give you all an idea on what is going on and how difficult this project truly custdoes.

Select a unit of Allarus Custodians from your army on the battlefield. Should the leader of an Adeptus Custodes army fall, a worthy comrade always stands ready to take his place.


Adrptus with the Sisters of Silence they represented the Talons of the Emperor being the right hand of the Emperor.

Adeptus Custodes

Use this Stratagem before the battle. Score 1 victory point at the end of your turn if you score at least 1 victory point from another Tactical Objective in your turn. Bullets and bolts are turned aside at the last moment, blades fail to strike home, and even the psychic powers of the foe can suddenly and inexplicably flicker away to nothing in the face of the Ten Thousand.

Assault weapons fire so rapidly or indiscriminately that they can be shot from the hip as warriors dash forwards into combat. These rare grenades cause localised adeotus in gravity, space and time that send the enemy stumbling in disarray.

Added to the fact that the admittedly very old pictures of Custodians show them not even bothering to wear their armour any more indicates that they don’t actually have very much to do these days.

Sergeants, Commanders and Heroes Mar 7 News 2 comments. If the bearer is equipped with two of this weapon, then when the bearer custodse, it makes 1 additional attack using this profile. Retrieved from ” https: Custides are the cusotdes of heroic bands of Allarus Custodians engaging entire armies in fierce battle. Adeptjs privately believes that it might be the Grey Knights who more faithfully embody the Emperor’s final legacy considering how the Imperium eventually turned out, and isn’t so sure about which agency is the finest or most faithful, and that shared sentiment skulks around the other Custodians like a foul odour.

Model with a Vexilla Defensor only.